Save Jervoise School

Dismayed parents at Jervoise Primary School in Birmingham have set up a Facebook Group ‘Save Jervoise School’ after being informed on Thursday that the DfE wants to force their good school to become an academy.

Parent Graham Lightning Sweet says that the DfE has targeted the school based on out-of-date figures from 2009.  He says that the experienced headteacher Mr McCabe has turned the school around from Special Measures to ‘Good’ in just three years and this year’s SATS results are expected to be outstanding.

3 thoughts on “Save Jervoise School

  1. this is outrageous what MR Gove is doing to our much loved schools.
    people must get me right its not about becoming an academy,its about being forced to become an academy. fact is if your forced school/parents have NO say in anything.
    that is what i’m doing all this for.

  2. people must get me right. it’s not about becoming an academy, its about being forced.
    if our schools are forced we the parents and the school has no say in anything,
    and also it’s the way MR Gove is going about it. there must be a law somewhere.

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