Catching them young at the Moor Green primary business academy

Back in June 2012 this blog published a plea to governors of Moor Green Primary School;, after it emerged that they were in discussions with the sponsor Prospects, a group with a dubious track record of running schools and with involvement in the Jubilee stewards scandal. Whether the governors paid any heed to the plea at all is unknown, but they did at least inform parents of plans to convert once they had been outed by this group on Facebook and Twitter. It is not known what sort of consultation, if any, followed with parents, but this blogger will eat her hat if it turns out that the parents of Moor Green Primary have in the full knowledge and understanding of what they are doing, willingly agreed for governors to hand over their school to the disaster waiting to happen that is the HTI Academy Trust


On March 11 Moor Green primary school in Moseley became an academy sponsored by HTI Academy Trust. HTI stand for Heads, Teachers, Industry. Moor Green is its first Academy.

And who better to exemplify the values on which the school will be based than…Sir Alan Sugar and Sir Richard Branson? Yes, Moor Green academy is, according to its press release, the ‘first ‘employability-themed’ Academy School in the UK’. This, don’t forget, is a primary school.

At the launch ‘the Children will don face masks representing business stars of today such as Lord Alan Sugar, Sir Richard Branson and ‘Dragons’ Hilary Devey, Deborah Meadon and Peter Jones to illustrate the school’s focus on equipping young people to succeed in the world of work. All of HTI’s Academies will place employability at the heart of the curriculum offer, using leading local and national businesses in all aspects of teaching and learning.’


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