No to Colmore Academy

Colmore Junior and Infant Schools in Kings Heath recently announced their intention to ‘investigate seeking academy status’.


Parents have been given until 31st January to send in comments but no parents’ meeting has so far been arranged.

A group of concerned parents have set up ‘No to Colmore Academy’ to campaign against the proposal and to press the school for a fully accountable and democratic consultation. You can follow them on Twitter here or join the Facebook Group here.

Colmore parents are encouraged to contact the school to make sure it holds a parents’ meeting before the end of January.

The school emails are: and

One thought on “No to Colmore Academy

  1. Reblogged this on Gogwit's Blog and commented:
    Experience tells us that the phrase “…investigate seeking academy status…” more often than not takes the meaning that most of the groundwork for conversion has already been undertaken and that a decision, in principle, if not on paper has already been taken.
    Assertions that no decision has yet been taken, often made by the governors, are – technically – accurate since the matter will not have been voted on by governing body at this point in time.

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