Colmore Junior and Infants Schools Update

Parents at Colmore Junior and Infants Schools in Kings Heath were informed on 12th December that the schools were ‘investigating’ academy status. However, as the schools later confirmed that they had applied for a DFE conversion grant, it appears the conversion process is already well advanced.

‘Ask Colmore Parents’ is a group of parents who are campaigning for more detail from the schools about why they wish to convert and for a proper consultation process to be established. They believe parents should hear the arguments against conversion as well as those in favour.

A meeting of the group is taking place on Thursday 9th January at 6.30 at the Red Lion on Vicarage Rd. All parents and supporters are welcome.




One thought on “Colmore Junior and Infants Schools Update

  1. Good luck to all the parents at the school with their campaign. We should not let the government undermine state education and let them play around with our childrens futures.
    We all cannor afford private education and what we have left in the system we have to fight to maintain.

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